Communaut de Communes Garonne et Canal

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Garonne and Canal's tourist information centre

Welcome to your official guide to Garonne and Canal. Find everything you need to plan your tip, from top attractions to travel information.

The Garonne and Canal’s tourist information centre is a favoured partner for local information, maps and brochures.

Located at the water spot, at the port of Montech, the tourist office is opened all year round:

  • From October to March :
    • Monday, 1h30 – 5h30 p.m.
    • From Tuesday to Friday, 9h – 12h a.m. and 1h30 – 5h30, p.m.
    • Saturday, 9h – 12h a.m.
  • From April to September :
    • From Monday to Sunday, 9h – 12h a.m. and 1h30 – 5h30 p.m.

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Communauté de Communes Garonne et Canal 8 rue de la mouscane 82700 MONTECH - Téléphone : - Télécopie :

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